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Atom CMS has been installed

Welcome to your new hotel, we are super happy that you chose to use Atom CMS!

Welcome to your new hotel!

First of all thank you for using Atom CMS - it truly means a lot❤️

We built Atom CMS for you and your users to get the best possible experience when it comes to visiting , and we hope the journey has been a pleasure for you so far.

We have used modern and industry approved technologies (Laravel & Tailwind CSS) in order to give you the most secure & robust CMS possible.

Our idea of a good CMS is accessibility and just that, is what we have tried to make Atom CMS, so that you can be able to customise it without being a PHP expert or frontend guru.

Some of the built in features
Atom CMS comes packed with tons of features, we will however only mention a few that might help to improve your hotel further!
  • - VPN / IP manager - Allows you to whitelist & blacklist specific IPs or ASNs
  • - Theme system - Switch between themes easily or built your own with the simplicity of running a single command!
  • - Google ReCaptcha - Keep bots away from your site, by simply enabling Googles recaptcha
  • - Built in multi language support - Allow your users to browse your site in their preferred language

Built in theme system!
Atom CMS has its own theme system, making it an absolute breeze to brew up a new theme or switch themes between the existing ones. If you wish to build your own theme, but is a bit unsure how to start, then head over to the Our documentation site. It gives you a good idea on how to use the theming system and tons of other aspects of running your hotel✨

With everything being said it is time to wrap up the introduction, but before we do that we want to wish you the best of luck with your hotel!